Weatherall Enclosures feel that everyone needs help when starting a new product, which is exactly why we are here. Don't settle for a standard enclosure you have to modify: let us help you design an enclosure that fits your needs perfectly.

We can build any size enclosure you need and provide holes and cutouts that accommodate cabling, push buttons, DB connectors, meters and display windows. We can punch louvers into the enclosure, so there is no need to rivet a louver plate. We can also design the enclosure with hinges, hasp (lockable or not), L-handle (padlockable, keyed or plain), T-handles (lockable or not) and screws. The enclosures can be fabricated from steel, aluminum or stainless steel and can be powder coated in virtually any color.

Once the client accepts the prototyped enclosure, we move your enclosure into production mode where we can produce as many as you need. As your product matures, your needs may change, too, so dimensions or holes can be modified later as needed. We try to be as accommodating as possible to ensure your enclosure best meets your needs.

Fees for prototyping are $185 per hour with a minimum charge of $250, which must be charged to a credit card to begin work. Just fax or email your dimensions and we'll get started!